General Rules and Conditions


For all purposes, the Parties agree to the following conditions:

to. Company: Low Cost, We park for Si Lda.

b. Park & Fly Faro managed by Low Cost, We park by Si Lda., (EXTERIOR) laterally sealed with admission  restricted to third parties and Covered (INDOOR) with admission restricted to third parties and  facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with  Park & Fly Lighthouse , in a  maximum radius of 6 km.

c. Client: Natural or legal person who will use the park under the conditions provided in this agreement;

d. Vehicle: motor vehicle or motorcycle that the customer, for any legitimate purpose, it has availability, does not include any accessory not incorporated  to it, and that it is adaptable;

and. Airport: Faro International Airport, near the Park & Fly Faro  it’s located.


The purpose of this contract is to make the Park & Fly Faro facilities available and facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with Park & Fly Lighthouse in a radius of 2 km, for the duration periods agreed between the client and the Company and if the other conditions provided for in the following clauses are met:


This contract will have the duration agreed between the Client and the Company, without prejudice  that said period may be extended or shortened by communication between the  parts. 


1 – Without prejudice to the provisions of this Agreement, the following benefits shall be assured to the Customer upon subscription:

to. Valet at Park & Fly Faro  and facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with Park & Fly Faro  within a radius of 2 km, for the duration of this Contract:

b. Park & Fly Lighthouse  reserves the right to move the vehicle between the parks and facilities of other entities that make their parks available to it, for a better optimization of the parking spaces available.

c. The collection of the Client’s Vehicle from the Airport (Valet/Driver Car) to the Park & Fly Faro  and vice versa, as specifically agreed between the parties, will be carried out by Company officials duly identified and authorized for this purpose;

d. The transport will be free for the Customer and his companions from the Park & Fly Faro to the Airport and vice versa. The Company shall make it available to you, as specifically agreed between the Customer and the Company;

e. Other benefits may be provided or offered by the Company, designated as a vehicle wash, provided that they are previously agreed with the Customer;

2 – The attribution of the benefits conferred in the previous point assumes that:
to. The Client will deliver the key to the Car to the authorized representatives of the Company, at the time of its deposit at the Park & Fly Faro.  or your pick up at the Airport (Valet/Driver Car). The vehicle will be parked in the Park & Fly Faro facilities  or facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with Park & Fly Faro, within a radius of 6 km;
b. The authorized officials of the Company may, at any time, proceed with the movements of the vehicle, within the Park & Fly Faro grounds. in such a way as to allow the movements of other vehicles in the Park that in the meantime are picked up by other Clients, or in any case allow the optimization of the Park & Fly Faro parking spaces;
c. Park & Fly Lighthouse  reserves the right to move the vehicle between the parks and facilities of other entities that make their parks available to the company for a better optimization of the parking spaces available.
d. Authorizes the driving of the vehicle by Company officials in the event that the collection of the vehicle is requested and agreed from the Airport to the Park & Fly Faro and facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with Park & Fly Faro, in a radius of 6 km from the airport, without prior agreement.
To purchase the Services offered on the Website, the Customer must follow the instructions that have been presented on the screen and accept the purchase in compliance with the aforementioned instructions.
In case the Client is a natural person, he must be at least 18 years old to acquire the Services.
The contracting will be carried out through the completion by the Client of the different forms that are presented throughout the purchase process and the express acceptance by the Client of these Terms and Conditions and of all the conditions applicable to the contracted product. In the purchase process, the submission of the form once completed, pressing the “Buy and Pay” button will complete the process and will imply the full acceptance by the Client of the commercial proposal of Park and Fly Faro and the applicable conditions, redirecting to an on-screen purchase confirmation page, which the Customer can print.
1 – In case of contracting the parking service with online payment (prepaid), 100% of the money paid will be refunded, if you cancel 48 hours before the service is executed, 50% will be refunded if you cancel between 48 hours and 24 hours before service. And nothing will be refunded if you cancel less than 24 hours after the performance of said service. This cancellation will only be applicable when notified by post/mail to If the withdrawal is later than the agreed date, the Customer will settle the pending days (in the collection of the vehicle), paying the value at the daily prices in force on the date of the Vehicle withdrawal.
2 – In the event that the Client contracts the service for more than one month and with periodic payments, the payments will be made through direct debit receipts to be issued by the Company between the 1st and 5th of each month. In case of return of the receipt, the Company may charge the return costs to the Customer.
3 – In case of contracting the parking service for a fixed period, the payment will be made in advance. In the event that the Client decides to withdraw the Vehicle before the designated date, he may do so without the right to reimbursement of any amount by paying the total price agreed in this Contract. If the withdrawal is after the agreed date, the Client will settle the value at the daily prices in force on the date of the Vehicle withdrawal, unless expressly indicated in this Contract.
4 – In the event that the client contracts the Battery Recharging Service, the Client authorizes the Company to connect the cables to the battery terminals.
1 – The delivery of the car will depend on the procedure agreed between the Client and the Company, that is, by direct delivery at the Park & Fly Faro.  or by the procedure of collecting the car at the airport (Valet/Driver Car) before boarding by one of the company’s officials duly uniformed and identified, always taking into account the check-in procedures contemplated in clause 7.
2 – The reception of the vehicle will depend on the previous request of the Client in accordance with one of the following modalities:
to. By prior indication (through reservations), at the time of delivery of the vehicle, by telephone or e-mail, indicating the flight, company, date and time of return of the Client, indicating the method of delivery of the which may be direct (delivery at the terminal, Valet/Driver Car) or free transportation from the Terminal to the Park & Fly Lighthouse.
b. By communication to a duly identified official of the Company present at the Airport or by telephone contact for the Company notifying of the presence of the Client and requesting the delivery of the Car at the Airport or free transport to the Park & Fly Faro. The Client accepts that in this case the vehicle reception procedure may suffer delays or be denied.
3 – The price to be paid by the Client will be the one that appears in the price table displayed in the Park and Fly Faro or the value resulting from the online simulator on the website (each fraction is 24 hours, not billing partial periods or hours) . Payment will be made online (pre-payment), in the final act of delivery of the car, taking into account the chosen park STANDARD/INDOOR, the requested procedure (Park / Valet) and the period of use (always at POS, we do not accept cash ).
1 – The Client undertakes before the Company to:
to. Deliver the Vehicle in full mechanical operating condition and with all the technical reviews and inspections, as well as all the legally required documentation (under the framework of Portuguese legislation) that adequately titles the availability of the vehicle by the Client and its displacement by Company officials under clause 4.1 b) and c).
b. Deliver the vehicle key that allows access to it, the alarm control if it is autonomous and any other control that allows the alarm to be deactivated if necessary;
c. Allow Company employees to access and drive the vehicle, in accordance with and for the purposes of clause 4.2.
d. Any access to the vehicle is excluded by third parties, with the exception of situations resulting from orders from legal entities, such as the Public Security Police, judicial officials or entities with powers of public order.
and. Carry out the check-in and check-out procedures provided for in clause 7, signing the corresponding documentation;
F. Make sure to remove from your vehicle all belongings and goods that are not necessary to drive or park it (and in particular all personal effects and/or valuables);
g. Authorize the Company, through its employees, to remove from the Vehicle, after delivery, any element incorporated externally but easily removable, such as antennas and other auto accessories…. which will be returned to the vehicle at the time of collection;
h. Pay for the provision of the service object of this contract in accordance with the online price list in force on the date;
i. Authorize the company to maneuver and park the car in the Park and Fly Faro car parks and other facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with Park and Fly Faro, within a radius of 2km.
J. In the event of an accident, customers accept the repair of the vehicles in the workshop contracted by Park and Fly Faro, to the detriment of any other.
k. Customers whose vehicle is on public roads, in the event of an accident, must always apply the mandatory vehicle insurance.
l. Respect the dates and times of check-in/check-out marked by the client. Failure to comply with the dates and times marked, in the delivery or collection may suffer delays, for which the company does not assume responsibility.
1 – The delivery of the car by immediate delivery at Park and Fly Faro or by pick-up at the airport (Valet/Driver Car), will take into account the following points:
to. The customer must deliver the Vehicle without any material goods that are not an integral part of it, whether in the passenger compartment or in the trunk, in particular communication equipment, radios, computers, cameras, clothing, or any other physically appropriable goods, for which Park and Fly Faro assumes no responsibility;
b. The Client and the representative of the Company, if the client requests it, must carry out a check-in of the Vehicle, in which an inspection of the interior and exterior of the same will be carried out, being able to proceed to photographic records,
in order to record damage, wear or existing defects on the delivery date. The registration will be kept in the possession of the company until 3 days after the vehicle has been delivered;
c. It will also proceed, if the client requests, to the subscription of the reception document of the Company, in which the mileage and fuel of the Vehicle and other facts that may be relevant for the purposes of the Company’s responsibility are declared;
2 – The reception of the vehicle by the Client, either at the Airport or at Park and Fly Faro, will be preceded by a check-out of the vehicle, with an inspection made by the client, in order to confirm, if requested, the mileage and fuel of the vehicle, as well as the absence of damages and all responsibility on the part of the Company. Any claim that the Client intends to make must be made at the facilities of Empresa en el Parque and Fly Faro. The responsibility of Park and Fly Faro expires at the time the vehicle leaves our facilities or is subsequently delivered to the airport terminal.
3 – Taking into account the reception and the Check-out that will be carried out by virtue of the previous clause, any claim that the Client may present in relation to damages or deficiencies in the Car must be sent within a maximum period of 3 calendar days to from the date of receipt of the same, in case the Client’s right to claim any damage expires.
4 – In the absence of an express complaint by the customer at the time of the return of the vehicle, by the employee of Park and Fly Faro, or at the Park and Fly Faro park or at the airport, it will be considered that he acknowledges that his vehicle is in the same state it was in before being delivered, to a Park and Fly Faro employee or at the Park and Fly Faro park. No claim can be accepted in case of non-compliance with these formalities and deadlines by the client.
1 – The Company will be responsible to the Client for the damages that are negligently caused by its employees, strictly in the following cases:
to. Damage caused to the vehicle as a result of handling within the Park and Fly Faro and other facilities of other entities, which have an agreement with Park and Fly Faro, within a radius of 2 km, under the effects provided in clause 4º.2);
b. Any damage suffered by the Client and his companions as a result of the transport in accordance with clause 4.1 c), provided that it derives from an illegal act due to gross negligence or fraud of the Company official who performs the functions of driver of the Transport Vehicle concerned;
c. Any other damage arising from an unlawful act of willful misconduct or gross negligence by officials and representatives or agents of the Company and whose liability cannot be excluded under clause 7.2;
2 – The responsibility of the Company is expressly excluded when it refers to:
to. Damages suffered by the Client in relation to the theft of any property left in the vehicle after its delivery, in violation of the provisions of clause 7.1 a);
b. Any mechanical damage to the vehicle that is not caused by the company’s employees, including damage caused by third parties as a result of an illegitimate intrusion of the same in the park and the Lighthouse fly, despite the sealing systems, alarm , and surveillance installed, or due to natural causes that cannot be avoided by the Company;
c.  Park and Fly Faro’s insurance policy does not cover damage caused by natural disasters or adverse weather conditions.
d.  We are not responsible for isolated glass breakage.
and. Recommendation for the delivery of the vehicle. Airlines recommend 2 hours in advance for international flights and 1 hour for domestic flights. Despite receiving your vehicle and your
Transfer to the terminal, it will take only a few minutes, the parking user must arrive at our facilities 20 minutes before the opening time of their check-in. We are not responsible for the loss of your flight.
The company is not responsible for the loss of your flight if you do not comply with the check-in and if you have not given enough time, or if the courtesy shuttle service is delayed, for example due to excessive traffic, weather conditions or delay when entering the Curbside due to being full, etc. …
F. The company will never be responsible for any problems your car has starting, mechanical failure, window problems, tire punctures, existing bodywork damage or battery failure.  We promise to help as much as possible and the client cannot claim for these facts.
g. Paint damage that is not caused by structural damage will be excluded. Small scratches, holes and scratches that affect the paint and / or parts of the vehicle that are not a consequence of structural damage to the vehicle (shock and / or friction with the vehicle, column or other object, that deform, dent and / or displace a or more vehicle parts). This also excludes damage to the underside of the vehicle and those that are not noticeable due to dirt.
3 – Park and Fly Faro reserves the right to move the vehicle between the parks and facilities of other entities that make their spaces available to it, for better optimization of the parking available to Park and Fly Faro.
4 – Park and Fly Faro is obliged to return the value of the parking only when the client misses the flight.
5 – Park and Fly Faro reserves the right to temporarily suspend the transport of clients, for reasons of Public Health, (COVID-19), for the safety of its clients.
1 – The Customer is responsible for any fine, fines that the Company has to pay by virtue of any irregularity verified in the Vehicle, in its documentation or in its ownership (within the framework of Portuguese law). Without prejudice to the rights of defense that assists the Company in the terms permitted by Law, the Client must reimburse the Company for all the costs that it has incurred, including legal costs with lawyers and lawyers.
2 – In case of non-payment by the Client of the contracted price or with any other expense borne by the company, the company is assisted by the right of retention on the Vehicle, which will be released as soon as the value in debt is paid in full, where It will include the price increased by virtue of the increase in the number of days the vehicle is parked with default interest.

The data collected about the Client is also intended for compliance with legal obligations and use in contractual relationships with Insurers, Banks and other Institutions, the Company committing to keep all data secret, reserving access to them exclusively to the necessary for its normal activity. The respective owner is guaranteed, under the terms of Law 67/98, of October 26, (Personal Data Protection Law) the right to access and rectify them.
In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, you are informed that your personal data will be incorporated into a data processing whose objective is the management of the service contracted by the Company. The legitimacy is based on the Client’s consent and the execution of this Agreement. Other bodies of the State Administration, the Autonomous Community of Maia or the Council where the Parking, Park and Fly Faro desks are located may be recipients. The client can exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition and limitation to treatment, by sending a written request to: or at Estrada Nacional 125, 8005-412, Faro / Säo Pedro (Portugal).
All communications between the parties that result in a modification of this contract will be made in writing and addressed by the client to the address, fax or e-mail of the Company. And by the Company they will be sent to the Client’s address indicated in the particular conditions.
The validity, interpretation and effects of this Agreement / Service shall be governed exclusively by Portuguese law.
For all issues arising or related to this contract, the jurisdiction of the District of Faro is competent, expressly waiving any other, being the option made by the one closest to the relevant domicile of the injured party, so that there are no serious inconveniences. for the same. The Client declares to be fully informed and clarified of the content of this contract.