Frequently asked questions


Frequent questions

When looking for a low-cost car park next to Faro airport, the solution chosen by travelers to park their cars is Park & Fly. Combine security, comfort and price. It is an ideal economic parking for regular travelers, for young and dynamic people or for all kinds of people with a soul that does not age. With Park & Fly, you make your free reservation online or by phone and we will take you to and from the Faro Airport terminal. You will not find another parking lot next to Faro Airport, safer, more practical and cheaper.

We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for your convenience.

Park & Fly is just a few minutes from Faro Airport on Estrada Nacional 125 towards Faro Nº 520A, San Pedro, 8005-412 Faro, Portugal. We have a totally free airport bus to take you to and from the Faro airport terminal.

Only 8 minutes. We know that our clients are dynamic people, people who don’t have time to lose and, therefore, there are always vehicles available to take you from the car park to the airport.

It’s not mandatory but we strongly recommend that you do it because it’s totally free, if you don’t we won’t be able to guarantee an available parking space and we don’t want that to happen. Therefore, to avoid full capacity, simply enter our online reservation system and ensure that we have a place waiting for you. If you have difficulty with your reservation, you can call the number +351 914 929 901 (National mobile network call). Not sure if you’re really going to travel? No problem, the change or cancellation is totally free.

You must call +351 914 929 901 (National mobile network call) as soon as you have your luggage in hand. Please go to our Meeting Point (Park P2 – exit the terminal at the airport arrivals gate, cross the walkway, pass between the taxis and enter Park P2. We will be waiting for you between letters/lines B – C). At the Meeting Point you will be picked up by a duly identified Park&Fly Faro employee.

Airlines recommend 2 hours in advance for international flights and 1 hour for domestic flights. Although the reception of your vehicle and the transfer to the terminal take only a few minutes, the parking user must arrive at our facilities 20 minutes before the opening time of their check-in. We are not responsible for the loss of your flight.